Module tea_sdk::tapp



tokenId is actually the TappId. When a Tapp is created, it is issued a TApp Id from Layer one. Then the user can topup (transfer from layer one to layer two) using this TokenId



God mode auth key only allowed in system actors
When use TOKEN_ID_TAPPSTORE, this is not for any tapp. it is just a TEA account for a user transfer between layer one and layer two

Type Definitions

AuthKey is silimar to session key. When end user login he need to sign a AuthOps data strcuture, in this AuthOps he agree this session (IDed by this AuthKey) can do what operation on his account. The AuthKey is the hashmap key to the AuthOps Currently in epoch7 Dec 2021, the AuthKey is the same as AesKey
Channel id is actually a public key of the channel
Short format of timestamp (from chrono timestamp), to distinguish between transactions that may send multiple times